Individually Contracted Costs and Billing

Knower Academics offers à la carte instructional and administrative services to individual families. Please read below for more information about session costs and billing processes for KA’s services.  Pricing for KA offerings at specific school locations is outlined separately.

Updated November 2021

Section I. General Notes

One-to-one Instruction

  1. Session length. Knower sessions are either one hour or the length of the scheduled period at the student’s location, such as a free block. The minimum session length is 45 minutes.
  2. Invoicing for one-to-one sessions is conducted in arrears on the first business day of the month.
  3. Registration payment. All new registrations for one-to-one instruction have an associated $150 registration payment, to be made by credit card. Some specialized offerings involve an additional cost for intake assessments, as specified below in the description of that offering.
  4. Learning Materials, books, workbooks, study tools, and organizational supplies may be provided to the student and invoiced, at the instructor’s discretion.

Group Instruction

  1. Advance payment is required for group instruction, such as seminars, study groups, programs with a set syllabus, and package offerings with a defined start and stop date.
  2. Costs of registration and materials are generally included in the price of group offerings.
  3. New offerings, educational partnerships, and presentations undergo a design process, considering a range of costs and options, until we arrive upon a mutually agreeable format and price point.

Section II. Academic Support & Skill Building

Knower Academic’s offerings in Academic Support and Skill Building build the student’s set of learning and problem-solving tools, rather than teaching of specific subjects, coursework or content. Examples of support and skill building instruction include: executive skill building, collegiate skill building, guided study groups, Therapeutically-Informed Academics (Therademics™), KNOW Your Mind™, and KNOW Your SPACE.

  1. To ensure a firm commitment to instruction, Knower Academics maintains a 3 p.m. cancellation policy: if the student cancels after 3:00 p.m. EST the day prior to the scheduled session, or does not attend the scheduled session, we will still invoice for that session.
  2. Subject Support, Executive Skill Building & Collegiate Skill Building sessions, taught in a one-to-one environment, are invoiced in arrears at the rate of $115 per session.  Knower may teach skills through proprietary curriculum, or in the context of actual coursework and subject material.
  3. Test Prep: $115 per session
  4. Individualized Academics: $150 per session
  5. Therapeutically-Informed Academics , or Therademics™, taught in a one-to-one environment, is invoiced in arrears at the rate of $150 per session. Knower typically provides skill-building and gradual exposure to academic stressors in the context of a specific class or subject. 
  6. Therademics™ for credit: $190
  7. KNOW Your Mind™ Psychology of Learning is invoiced in arrears at the rate of $250 per session. Taught by a licensed therapist in a one-to-one environment, sessions help students learn to manage academic struggle, anxiety, or avoidance. This is an educational offering, which does not qualify as therapy and does not have a medical insurance code. Knower can partner with personal and family therapists through our Align Program, see section 2.
  8. KNOW Your SPACE Parent and Faculty Support  Sessions are invoiced in arrears at the rate of $250 per individual or parent session. Costs for group sessions, professional development or presentations will be quoted on a case-by-case basis. Taught by a psychologist or licensed therapist, this offering coaches the student’s family and teachers to improve structure, accountability, and communication within the home and the student’s broader support network. Though our methodology draws upon Dr. Eli Lebowitz’s parent-led approach: SPACE (Supportive Parenting for Anxious Childhood Emotions) and other related studies, this is an educational offering, which does not qualify as therapy, does not have a medical insurance code, and is not SPACE certified. Knower can partner with personal and family therapists through our Align Program, see section 2. 
  9. SAVE Study Group sessions are invoiced bi-weekly at a rate of $375 per week. SAVE provides a gentle reintroduction to academic work with SAVE Study Group, which is proctored by a Knower Academics instructor. SAVE is an acronym for: Support each other; Advocate for yourself; Verify work completion; Enact coping strategies. 
  10. Earn Your Turn Guided Study Group, with accountability for missing work, is invoiced in arrears at the rate of $250 per week.
  11. Earn Your Turn Guided Study Group, without accountability for missing work, is invoiced in arrears at the rate of $165 per week.

Section II. Align Team Billing

  1. All Knower Academics registrations have an associated $150 registration payment, to be made by credit card. Knower Academics charges an additional $150 Initial Assessment Fee for Align registrations.
  2. Knower Academics partners with qualified professionals to create an Align Team. Align Team offers coordinated instruction and collaborative communication between Knower Academics instructors along with faculty, counselors and coaches. In addition to Knower Academics instructors and coaches, the team may also include school faculty, mentors, athletic coaches, college counselors, educational consultants, and other psychotherapists or support professionals.
  3. Typically we begin with a 30-minute Align Team meeting once a week, decreasing the frequency of meetings as students progress toward their goals. Align Team meetings are charged at a rate of $75 per half-hour for each Knower Academics paid participant. The student’s family may adjust KA’s Align Team composition, including the number of Knower Academics paid participants, by emailing
  4. The cost for one-to-one sessions with partnering providers varies according to the provider, and shall be quoted separately.

Section IV. Communication

  1. Learning Plan. Following the Initial Consultation we team create a customized Academic Plan for the participant. The Academic Plan includes therapeutically-informed recommendations, objectives, expectations and progress benchmarks. The plan also incorporates goals and feedback from the student, family, school, and other members of the support network. Distribution Contacts (see below) shall be provided with a copy of the initial plan along with any updated versions. 
  2. Align and Earn Your Turn Weekly Reports. Each week, participants receive a weekly report which includes summary of insights, team communication and progress, as well as recommended actions and friendly reminders.
  3. Session Logbooks. After each session, Knower Instructors and Align coaches share their notes on the session. Logbooks typically include topics addressed in the meeting and share any additional notes regarding progress toward objectives. Logbooks are distributed on the first business day after the session. 
  4. Distribution Contacts. Knower Academics, LLC distributes copies of learning plans, instructional agreements, coaching agreements, weekly summaries, fees summaries, and logbooks. Knower Academics, LLC also establishes distribution contacts who shall be kept updated regarding the student’s instruction and progress. Standard distribution contacts for logbooks include all members of the Therademics Team, the student’s family, college counselor or guidance counselor, advisor, teachers, as well any coaches, counselors, therapists, advocates, or other persons that the student identifies as a support or mentor.  Participants may contact the office to add or remove contacts.
  5. Feedback. Please feel free to reply to any Knower Academics communication with thoughts, questions or insights. Feedback is entirely welcome and strongly encouraged throughout the instructional process.