Know the SAT™

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When I first took the SAT without tutoring, I did fairly well, but I knew I had untapped potential and could do even better. Kayte and the other instructors from Knower Academics pushed me to reach this potential, as well as taught me new techniques and strategies about taking the test that proved to be extremely useful. With their help, I was able to improve my score 200 points from the first time I took it. Kayte and Knower Academics were instrumental in this improvement, including helping my math score jump 140 points to a perfect 800. I am extremely grateful for all that Knower Academics has done for me. They are truly dedicated to helping students succeed in reaching their potential and goals.

The revamped SAT exam bears only traces of resemblance to its predecessors. College Board™, maker of the SAT, set out to create an exam that would reward students who have taken rigorous coursework, developed a breadth of expertise in many subjects, and built the ability to draw connections between different subjects. College Board has added new layers of challenge to this venerable exam – including a “no calculator” section and “cross-test” questions that span the gap between subjects (integrating math and science reasoning concepts into reading comprehension, just to name one example). This new test is part of a broader trend in U.S. education, reflecting an increased focus on math and science, as well as integrated reading and writing skills across the curriculum, and the ability to synthesize and connect learning to concepts that go beyond individual facts. As additional states adopt the SAT as a statewide assessment for juniors, some of College Board’s vision for the new SAT is already coming to fruition.

What does this mean for students preparing to sit the new SAT exam? To succeed on this exam, students need test-taking strategies and logical problem-solving abilities, as well as rock-solid skills in math, reading, science, grammar, history, and writing. Knower Academics helps students hone these skills by teaching them the specific strategy, technique, and content they need to demonstrate their strengths on the test.

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