Educational Partnerships

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My son has completed his first semester at college, has received all As, and has signed up for next semester. The much bigger win for him and for us is that despite his anxiety and occasional illness, he didn’t miss a single class! This would never have been possible without your program.

From our very first student to our thriving business today, Knower Academics has grown exclusively on the basis of success stories and word-of-mouth referrals.

We build close, symbiotic partnerships with area schools and benefit from lasting relationships with administrators and faculty, resulting in a higher quality product for our students that complements the distinctive educational philosophy of each location where we offer support.

In concert with our teachers and schools, Knower Academics works to design offerings that supplement and augment existing resources already available on campus, encouraging students to maximize their use of the support that is already freely available from faculty. We take the time to understand the unique culture and communities of our partner schools; that way, we can design offerings to best suit what students at each location actually need. Thanks to the generous suggestions and insight provided by faculty at our partner schools, support through Knower Academics carries more institutional relevance and lasting benefits for our students.