Presentations & Seminars

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I have observed Kayte on several occasions conducting group trainings and professional presentations to audiences at national conferences. Kayte has a wonderful ability to communicate complex topics in a very user-friendly manner all while being delightfully engaging. It is clear she has passion about her work and a deep understanding of her subject matter.

— Don Vardell, Executive Director, Mountain Valley Treatment Center

Knower Academics proudly serves as a resource within and beyond the school communities where we offer our services. We specialize in supporting faculty, parents, and other educators, as well as students, by offering presentations and seminars about learning disabilities, accommodations, anxiety, college entrance exams, unique learning styles, and executive skill building.

Knower Academics designs custom presentations upon request, taking into account client goals and intended audience.

Previous presentation topics include:

  • The Perfectionist Paradox: Supporting the High Achieving, Highly Anxious Student (Baltimore, MD)
  • Reading, Writing and…Scrolling: Executive Skills in a Digital Age (Denver, CO)
  • “I Just Don’t Test Well”: Bridging the Disconnect between Classroom Learning and Graded Assessments (Denver, CO)
  • The Revamped SAT for College Counselors (New Hampshire & Vermont)
  • Mentoring Students in Executive Functioning (Atlanta, GA)
  • SAT & ACT Essentials for Franchise Owners (Las Vegas, NV)
  • Bridging the Gaps: How to Help Your Child with Study Skills (Las Vegas, NV)
  • The Revamped SAT for Faculty & Department Chairs (New Hampshire & Vermont)
  • SAT vs. ACT: Profiles for Success (Las Vegas, NV)
  • The College Entrance Exams Demystified (New Hampshire & Vermont)
  • Learning Built to Last: Study Strategies Every Student Should Know (Tampa, FL)
  • Understanding Your PSAT Score Report (New Hampshire)
  • SAT Strategy Workshop for juniors and seniors (New Hampshire & Vermont)
  • ACT Strategy Workshop for juniors and seniors (New Hampshire & Vermont)

Previous presentation audiences include:

  • college counselors
  • educational consultants
  • tutors, teachers, & faculty
  • parents
  • students
  • administrators & directors of other tutoring companies

Please contact us if you are interested in learning more about our presentations and seminars.