About Us

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At the time we began tutoring our son was failing algebra. During those three months of tutoring our son raised his GPA to a B and learned valuable organizational skills. The ease with which the tutor adapted to our son’s learning disability was, I believe, a huge part of his improved GPA.

With its focus on educational innovation, Knower Academics goes beyond tutoring. Founded in 2010 by Catherine and Jay Knower, who wanted to create a counterpoint to traditional tutoring, Knower Academics views the one-to-one instructional environment as a viable profession and a crucial asset to supplement students’ learning in the classroom.

Knower Academics strives to provide students with flexible and customized educational support. Our instructors are specialists in one-to-one instruction; energetic and motivated, each brings his or her unique skill set to the table. Operating as a team, we work in concert to help each student meet his or her academic goals.