Individualized Academics

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Suzanne helped Anna become interested in learning again after missing over a year of school here at home. Anna is now home and has attended school every single day so far.

Sometimes life intervenes in unexpected ways. Myriad factors may interfere with a student’s ability to attend school – yet school doesn’t stop.

Knower Academics offers our specialized program, Individualized Academics (IA), for those special cases when students must be away from the classroom for extended periods of time but still want to stay current with their coursework or keep an academic focus in their lives. Our IA students are away from the traditional classroom for a variety of reasons, such as medical leave or special training for elite athletic endeavors. The IA program provides real classes conducted by a teacher in a one-to-one environment. This individualized classroom allows us to cover material quickly and to completely customize the class to the student’s needs. We accomplish this by partnering with the student’s school to efficiently gather assigned work, which is then submitted upon completion. This keeps the student caught up and ready to return to the traditional classroom when ready. Knower Academics also offers our own proprietary curriculum for credit in core classes and occasionally integrates online course options where needed to ensure a wide variety of course options are available for our IA students.

If you would like to discuss a specific plan for your student, please contact us.