Instructional Formats

The mark of a good teacher is the ability to meet students where they are. At Knower Academics our educators take that literally. Whether the student is on campus, in town, or traveling, we do our best to provide instruction in a context that’s convenient for our students.


Instructors with Knower Academics work to coordinate sessions with our students’ hectic schedules. Most of our instruction occurs in a one-to-one context, and because we benefit from excellent partnerships with area schools, we typically meet with students on campus during free periods, downtime, or study halls.

Interactive Online

For students who are traveling out of the area or on vacation, our online classrooms offers an ideal means of staying on track. Knower Academics views our Zoom sessions as an extension of our traditional one-to-one instruction. Our online instruction is neither an automated program nor a guided study; instead, our online sessions connect students with their instructors for live, interactive instruction. Our online classroom includes a continuous audio/video feed in the corner of the screen, so student and instructor can hear and see each other. The majority of the screen functions as an interactive whiteboard where instructor and student can upload documents, write, draw, and work out problems together. The majority of our students say that our online instruction is as effective as face-to-face meetings.

Small Group

Knower Academics offers small group classes, typically comprising five to 11 students. We work in partnership with schools to customize our syllabus to target areas most relevant to students on campus. Some of our favorite small group offerings include:


Knower Academics also offers presentations to larger audiences of parents, students, college counselors, school faculty, and educational consultants. We customize the presentation agenda, topics, and format to suit each audience. Learn more about our presentations and seminars, and please contact us with questions or ideas.