One-to-One Test Prep

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Zach went up to a 26 on his ACT! That was 6 points above his baseline and 3 points from his last ACT. Zach was able to receive a $15,000 scholarship to the school he committed to because of his score increase!! :-)
Yay Zach!

— Lianna,
Zach's Knower Instructor

Show your strengths and target your weaknesses on the entrance exams by working directly with a test preparation specialist.

For some students, improving SAT® or ACT® performance provides a critical piece in their application picture, justifying a rigorous course of study. For other students, just a few sessions on strategy will suffice. All students need to strike a balance in their studies so as to not draw time away from critical coursework.  We can also use the test as a way to review foundational material and address test anxiety in a supportive environment.

Students who register for one-to-one test prep will:

  • Focus on content areas most relevant to score improvement
  • Develop a personalized test-taking plan to maximize accuracy
  • Recognize trick answers and triage hard-level questions
  • Study specialized techniques especially for the SAT® and ACT®
  • Choose to specialize in either the SAT or the ACT, or both
  • Receive instruction in a format that is tailored to their learning style and accommodation profile
  • Learn to manage their time and priorities on these high-stakes exams
  • Study the best tactics to improve accuracy and increase speed
  • Review the content areas most relevant to their score report
  • Develop a test-taking plan tailored to college goals
  • Understand the role of exams in college applications, and keep the tests in perspective

The KNOW Your Test™ Approach to ACT®, SAT® and PSAT®

Not every student needs ultra-rigorous test prep, but every student deserves to understand the nuances of the test, and to go into the exam armed with a plan of action.

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