Summer Test Prep

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Summer is the ideal time to prepare for the ACT®, SAT® and PSAT® exams, and college counselors agree. By studying over the summer, students reinforce what they learned during the school year. Students also start pondering their path, thinking about college and next steps beyond high school. Summer study gives students time for planning and ultimately allows students to enter the exam season with preparedness and confidence.

— Jay Knower,
Co-Founder, Knower Academics

Why study for the SAT/ACT® during the summer?

  • Summer test dates allow students to get a head start on college planning.
  • An early start minimizes the likelihood that a key test date will conflict with schoolwork and other priorities.
  • Studying over the summer helps to create a more productive fall semester at school.

The KNOW Your Test™ Approach to ACT®, SAT® and PSAT®

Not every student needs ultra-rigorous test prep, but every student deserves to understand the nuances of the test, and to go into the exam armed with a plan of action.

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