Executive Skill Building

Expectations on students have never been higher. Demands on their time have never been greater. Executive skills are more important than ever before.

Knower Academics offers instruction in executive skill building, which is often synonymous with study and organizational skills. Our instructors can either teach executive skills as a stand-alone offering, or integrate efficient study methods into support for specific subjects.

When the primary focus of instruction is building study and organizational skills, our instructors encourage students to apply better learning techniques to their schoolwork. We also help students build self-awareness and identify manageable steps to take toward constructive change. Our instructors encourage students to actively explore and apply new study strategies each and every day in school. We help our students understand why these methods are helpful, tailor each method to fit their personal learning style, and practice these new methods until they become habits. Our executive skill building program helps our students make real and measurable progress toward more enjoyable classes, less stressful homework, and more effective, efficient studying.

If you would like to discuss a specific plan for your student, please contact us.