Summer Learning

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Knower taught me how to organize my life through the chaos of high school – and without Jen I don’t know if I would have graduated as successfully as I did!

— William Clouse, Class of 2021

This time of year, we strongly encourage summer support for students of all ages. A few summer sessions, scheduled in windows of time when students are available, make a remarkable difference in the student’s transition back to campus and confidence in the first quarter of the school year. For rising freshmen, we offer structure for summer work and integrate practice with organizational systems and the Holderness learning management system. For rising sophomores, summer sessions are a perfect opportunity to reflect on their freshman experience and build the organizational systems that will better serve them on finals exams, long term papers, and other challenges they learned about last year. For upperclassmen, summer is the perfect time to lay groundwork for the foundational skills, concepts and organizational systems they will need to be successful in their higher level and AP coursework.

Intro to Holderness

New to the Holderness community? Sometimes starting a new school can feel like traveling to another country. The language, the food, the climate; what to pack, who to turn to with questions, how to navigate? Let us help answer some of these questions so your academic “travels” go smoothly! Starting support over the summer allows you to get yourself set up early and feel more confident once school begins.

Rising freshman, and those new to campus, this one’s for you:

  • Practice using the Portal and your Holderness email; 
  • discuss your classes and make sure you have the correct books; 
  • organize your supplies so you can walk into your first class feeling prepared!
  • Build a schedule for completing your summer work on time, and review any challenging content with your instructor to backfill any areas that got rusty
  • Practice navigating the LMS
  • Transition to holderness school on the best possible footing
  • Get to know your academics support instructor
  • Learn how to schedule your sessions with Knower and organize your time with google calendar

SAT & ACT Test Prep

College counselors everywhere agree – summer is the best time for test prep! Rising sophomores, juniors and seniors consistently benefit from studying for the SAT & ACT over the summer, when they have time to do so and also can get the most benefit for the foundational skills and gap analysis provided by test prep. Starting now also allows lots of time to get accommodations in place for students who qualify for extended time or special testing. Knower has an excellent track record of supporting Holderness students on these standardized tests, so please visit these links to learn more about on our:

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Test-prep benefits:

  • Analyze your previous scores
  • Identifies areas of strength and areas for improvement
  • Develop a strategy that is right for you
  • Maximize your strengths
  • Learn efficient ways to approach questions
  • Build content knowledge
  • Learn testing skills for academic courses too
  • Keep your academic year gains through practicing and applying what you’ve learned

Virtual Mock SAT & ACT

After co-vid caused a shortage of seats in SAT/ACT test centers, [or] so many students to miss out on SAT/ACT test dates, we started offering our own virtual, live proctoring SAT & ACT test dates. Though the score reports from these can’t be sent to colleges, students gain exposure to test question formats, critical experience with the pacing of the test and receive a detailed report with recommended areas of study and projected score.

Join us!

July 28 SAT, full length Virtual Mock Exam

August 4th ACT, abridged virtual mock exam

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AP Foundations & AP Exam prep

In the changing college application landscape, AP coursework is becoming a gold star for admissions counselors.  AP classes demonstrate that a student is ready for more rigorous classes such as those they will encounter in college.  AP tests are also a great way to showcase strengths and knock some college credits out of the way.  Knower Academics can help students build the foundational concepts that they will need to know for AP courses, the critical thinking and analysis skills needed to excel in the classes, and the testing skills to master the AP exams.

Signed up for AP coursework this fall?

  • Review outcomes from AP exams
  • Fillgaps from covid
  • Preview summer work and what the class will look like
  • Practice taking timed assessments
  • Something to talk about subject-specific insider tips; ie how to use your graphing calculator to do things your teacher didn’t show you


Therademics™ is a new kind of academic support that addresses the psychology of learning. Students and their families learn skills to manage academic stressors in specialized, one-to-one coaching sessions. Knower Academics also includes teachers, faculty and other professionals into a matrix of communication and support. While the one-to-one sessions teach new skills and help students practice the most challenging aspects of academics, the structure of the matrix and team communication helps families and schools navigate these struggles together.

Ready to unlock your potential?

  • Avoidance
  • Homework struggle
  • Test anxiety
  • Academic stress
  • Perfectionism

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If you would like to learn more about Summer Learning at Holderness School or discuss a specific plan for your student, please contact us.


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