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The SAT® & ACT® college entrance exams have been in a state of flux due to COVID-19, leaving many students unsure of how to focus their preparation. Test dates have been rescheduled, test centers are announcing cancellations, and some students are wondering if they even need to take the exams, due to reports that more colleges will offer test optional admissions this year.

Why SATs & ACTs still matter:

Though little is certain in college applications right now, building your resume of skills still matters. While more colleges have embraced test optional applications, only a handful are converting to a truly test blind admissions process. This means that staying on track for college admissions includes doing everything you can to achieve your best possible SAT & ACT scores. Earning higher scores can only help you! And this is great news. Studying for the SAT & ACT this summer is one opportunity that is still available to students who want to improve their application picture.

What you can do right now to stay on track:

With so many test dates cancelled, students will have a short window of time to maximize their test scores. Our rising seniors do not have the luxury of taking the test five times to superscore. As soon as test centers open, students need to be ready to show their best work right away. This means all college-bound students deserve:

  • data about where they currently stand on the entrance exams,
  • guidance on how to study and what material to study, and
  • clear direction as to whether they should focus their studying on the SAT or ACT.

To help provide students with baseline score data that will inform their summer studies, Knower Academics is offering a complete virtual mock SAT at 10am ET on June 17. Please take advantage of this opportunity and feel free to spread the word. This is a simple help that Knower can provide to students everywhere in this challenging time, which requires just an email address to which we can send attachments.


Join us for our June 17 virtual SAT mock test.

You are invited to register for a virtual mock SAT exam! Participants will be provided, via email, a genuine SAT test*, which Knower Academics will proctor virtually in our Zoom classroom. After the proctored exam is complete, participants will submit their answers and Knower will return an electronic score report** with projected scores in SAT Math and Evidence Based Reading and Writing. Families who register for the virtual test will also have discounted access to additional test-prep options, including a detailed diagnostic report and test-prep sessions, which support ongoing study throughout the summer. For families who prefer to proctor the test themselves, Knower is happy to provide a free downloadable copy of the test materials.

Your virtual test registration includes:


In their inbox, registrants will receive a downloadable link and electronic copy of SAT Practice Test #7, available in the public domain, which includes:

  • Instructions to proctor the test
  • Question booklet
  • Bubble sheets
  • Instructions for hand scoring your test


In addition to test materials, registrants will receive the following in their inbox:

  • Zoom link to the virtual test room, proctored under realistic test conditions on June 17, 2020, at 10am ET.
  • Process to return student answers to Knower for scoring.
  • A projected score report with both composite and section scores.


*currently made available by College Board in the public domain

**Please note that this score report shows what the scores student would likely earn on an SAT, but it is not a replacement for the SAT score report which is sent to colleges. Knower is offering a realistic practice test experience, not acting as a test center.


Additional Options

Available at a discounted rate with your mock test registration:

Detailed SAT P.A.C.E. diagnostic score report provides insight into the student’s use of test-taking strategy during the exam and targets areas of focus for additional coaching. Designed to increase the effectiveness of ongoing study.
($150 now $100)

The SAT composite score is the sum of the student’s scores on the Math and Evidence Based Reading and Writing (EBRW) portions of the exam. The Math and EBRW section scores can be broken down into subsets of distinct skills and content areas. Our detailed SAT P.A.C.E. report, which stands for Progress Assessment and Curated Exercises, analyzes the student’s results in each subset according to a variety of specific metrics that pinpoint strengths, weaknesses, strategic decision making, and confidence. As students review their detailed diagnostic results, they will see graphs and suggestions that encourage them to reflect on the decisions they made during the exam. The report is designed to be a learning tool that helps students draw connections between their decisions on the test and the score they received. They will also see which question formats and content areas are strengths which they should focus on demonstrating during the exam, and which content areas are weaknesses that deserve targeted attention in their studies.

Jump start session helps students begin their summer studies on solid footing, informed by their mock-test experience. Meet with one of Knower’s test-prep specialists to get answers to your questions, determine if the SAT or ACT is your better test, and develop a study plan for the summer. An ideal complement to your SAT P.A.C.E. Diagnostic Report or Pros & Khans Study Plan.
(Waive the registration fee – now $95)

A single one-to-one session with a test-prep expert gives students the best possible start to summer studies. The topics covered in your jump start session can be customized, but typically this session begins with discussion of the student’s mock test experience and results. Next, if the student has taken an ACT or other ACT baseline, the instructor will introduce composite data to determine whether the student performed better on the SAT or the ACT. Though students typically feel better about one test versus the other, the most important factors are the actual numbers and how the student’s performance compared to their college list. The session will also address any questions the student had about the mock test, and will discuss different possible approaches to test prep and available test dates, empowering students with a clear study plan for the summer either independently or together with Knower or another resource in their area. Pair this session with the PACE for an outstanding learning experience about test-taking strategy that can inform a more intelligent and streamlined study plan for the summer.

One-to-one expert instruction for the SAT & ACT remains the gold standard in test-preparation. See why some of the best college counselors around recommend Knower’s rightsized, strategic approach to preparing students for the college entrance exams.
(5 sessions: $475 now $425, 10 sessions: $950 now $750)

Connect with an instructor from our incredible test-prep team for one-to-one sessions that
• Build strategy for optimum score,
• Practice specific techniques to maximize accuracy, efficiency, and consistency, and
• Review and reteach specific content areas.

Learn more about Knower’s approach to Summer Test Prep.

To accompany our virtual mock test, Knower Academics is offering discounted five session or ten session bundles, which may be pre-paid for a 10-20% discount. If you would like to learn more about our one-to-one prep or discuss options, please contact us to schedule a consultation.

You might also be interested in these custom test prep offerings:

Pros & Khans independent study reports & instructor check-ins provide structure and communication to help students study more effectively with Khan Academy and other free resources. Stay informed and on-task with this cost-conscious option.

In an effort to make SAT & ACT study materials more widely accessible to students, the College Board and ACT are making a dedicated effort to provide more free online resources. The most well known is SAT’s partnership with Khan Academy. ACT is also offering its own ACT Academy. These online independent study resources typically work best for students who have only a few content weaknesses on the test, and/or students with strong executive functioning skills. Khan offers a useful but lengthy process to formulate question sets based on the student’s areas of weakness — using a “the chain is only as strong as its weakest link” approach. Since this approach focuses on areas where the student struggles the most, it can feel frustrating and overwhelming for students who are intimidated by the test or struggling in many areas. It also may be misleading strategically, since most students can improve their confidence and their score more effectively by focusing first and foremost on demonstrating their strengths. While it is wonderful that a motivated student will never run out of practice questions again — this bounty of resources can feel daunting and endless.

Thus, Knower Academics has developed our Pros & Khans support for students who need more encouragement and structure than what is provided with the free resources alone. Pros & Khans can be used either to provide structure and communications for a student who is studying solely with free resources, or as a cross-training blend with a test-prep class or one-to-one support. Students can sign up for live check-ins with their coach to discuss progress and challenges, after which the instructor shares an update with parents about the extent to which the student has been studying independently between check-ins. Or, for an even more cost effective option, Pros & Khans support can be provided solely through reports that the coach generates and shares by email.

Join our Pros & Khans™ program

Build your own SAT/ACT class to receive our expert group instruction with a few friends, and earn a host discount from Knower. Work is more fun with good company, right?

Small group test prep can be effective and even fun. Knower’s approach to test prep classes teaches specialized test-taking strategy and technique in group settings, since these are methods that every student can use and apply regardless of skill set or baseline score. We then integrate differentiated instruction for areas of content, since these are unique to each student. Our blended model offers the lower price point of group instruction and the incentive of studying with friends, but avoids the boredom of a one-size fits all syllabus. If you know two or more friends who might want to do an SAT/ACT course with you, consider working with Knower to design a class. As the genesis of the group, you get to help design the syllabus and receive a host discount as well!

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