Therademics™ Overview, Billing & Communication

To ensure that communication, fees, and billing processes for Therademics students are clearly outlined, please see the details below.

Updated June 2021

Section I. Program Overview

  1. Therapeutically-Informed Academics (TIA), or Therademics™, offers coordinated instruction and collaborative communication between Knower Academics instructors along with faculty, counselors and coaches.
  2. The program incorporates three Therademics Domains.
    I. Knower Academics Instruction teaches specific curriculum, content areas, or learning skills and provides gradual exposure to academic stressors.
    II.Therademics™ Student Coaching identifies academic stressors and provides support to manage academic struggle, anxiety or avoidance.
    III. Therademics™ Family Coaching improves structure, accountability and communication within the home and the student’s broader support network.
  3. For each participant, Knower Academics partners with qualified professionals to create a Therademics Support Team that includes a specialist from each of the three Therademics Domains. In addition to Knower Academics instructors and Therademics Coaches, the team may also include school faculty, mentors, athletic coaches, college counselors, educational consultants, and other psychotherapists or support professionals.
  4. The Therademics Team conducts an Initial Therademics Assessment to identify areas of focus and the level of support needed.
  5. Participants receive a customized Therademics Learning Plan. The Learning Plan provides therapeutically-informed team recommendations, objectives, expectations and benchmarks for progress.
  6. Instructional/Coaching Sessions target the areas of focus identified by the Learning Plan. The Therademics Team will create Instructional/Coaching  Agreements for a specific number of sessions per week in any or all of the three Therademics Domains, as best suits each case.
  7. The Therademics Team designs and maintains a Therademics™ Matrix for participants. The Therademics Matrix coordinates support and communication among the student, family, coaches and school faculty. The matrix may employ various methods of communication and educational outreach, including but not limited to logbook updates, weekly meetings, check-ins and trainings.

Section II. Billing

  1. Non-refundable Assessment Fee. A $350 initial assessment fee shall be paid at the time of registration and shall not be eligible for refund.
  2. Initial Commitment to Programming & Introductory Matrix. All registrants shall commit to purchasing two weeks of Therademics Introductory Matrix, priced at $350  per week and billed in arrears. After the two-week introductory period, the Therademics Support Team shall determine an appropriate level of matrix structure and communication.
  3. Therademics Matrix Pricing.  Following the initial commitment to programming, participants purchase Therademics Matrix structure and communication in two-week intervals at the level of support indicated by the Therademics Team.
    Level I. Intensive Matrix structure & communication $350 per week, billed in arrears monthly.
    Level II. Standard Matrix structure & communication $250 per week, billed in arrears monthly.
    Level III. Independence-Building structure & communication $175 per week, billed in arrears monthly.
  4. Session Pricing Quoted and Invoiced separately.
    I. Academic Instruction with Knower Academics. Instructional sessions may be offered in one-to-one, paired or small group settings, depending on the offering design and individual participant goals. The specific details of the sessions, including the type, amount, subject and format of instruction shall be specified in forthcoming Instructional Agreements. The rate for different types of instruction varies and shall be quoted separately.
    II. Therademics Coaching with partnering providers.  Therademics Coaching sessions may be offered in one-to-one, paired or small group settings, at the discretion of the provider and as best suits the participants. The specific details of the sessions, including the format and amount of coaching, shall be specified in forthcoming Therademics Coaching Agreements. The rate for coaching sessions varies according to the provider and shall be quoted separately.
  5. Therademics sessions shall be invoiced in addition to the cost of the Therademics Matrix.

Section III. Communication

  1. Therademics Learning Plan. Following the Initial Assessment, the Therademics Team creates a customized Learning Plan for participant(s). The Learning Plan includes therapeutically-informed recommendations, objectives, expectations and progress benchmarks from the three Therademics Domains. The plan also incorporates goals and feedback from the student, family, school and other members of the support network. Distribution Contacts (see below) shall be provided with a copy of the initial plan along with any updated versions. 
  2. Therademics Weekly Reports. Each week, participants receive a weekly report from each Therademics Domain. Each team member shares a summary of insights, team communications and progress, as well as recommended action steps and friendly reminders.
  3. Session Logbooks. After each session, Knower Instructors and Therademics Coaches share their notes on the session. Logbooks typically include topics addressed in the meeting and share any additional notes regarding progress toward objectives. Logbooks are distributed on the first business day after the session. 
  4. Distribution Contacts. Knower Academics, LLC distributes to Contractors copies of learning plans, instructional agreements, coaching agreements, weekly summaries, fees summaries, and logbooks. Knower Academics, LLC also establishes distribution contacts who shall be kept updated regarding the student’s instruction and progress. Standard distribution contacts for logbooks include all members of the Therademics Team, the student’s family, college counselor or guidance counselor, advisor, teachers, as well any coaches, counselors, therapists, advocates, or other persons that the student identifies as a support or mentor.  Participants may contact the office to add or remove contacts.
  5. Feedback. Please feel free to reply to any Knower Academics communication with thoughts, questions or insights. Feedback is entirely welcome and strongly encouraged throughout the instructional process.