It’s all connected.

Academic struggle is not about academics. Okay, maybe it’s not only about academics. For every least-favorite class or unpleasant homework assignment, students face so much more than the material. There are emotions, choices, pressures, even fears. Then, there are behaviors and habits, often unhelpful, that go along with those emotions, pressures, choices and fears. Learners often fall short of their potential, not because of the material they are learning, but because of their psychology. Their anxiety. This makes sense. We know that we learn, think and feel with the same brain. So why are the academic realm and the psychological realm so often treated as separate spheres? What if academic support could address, not just learning, but also the psychology of the learner?

When school gets hard, students are not the only ones who struggle. Parents and teachers often feel confused about how to help. They know that the schoolwork needs to get done, but they also want to be understanding and kind to a child who is struggling. There is a boundary (somewhere) between supporting the student (good) and allowing the student to avoid facing challenges (bad). Where is that line? How firmly do we, the adults who are supposed to know what to do, hold to this boundary? When does being flexible and reasonable cross that line and become an over-accommodation that actually hurts our kids? What if academic support could coach, not just the student, but also the adults who support the student?

Welcome to Therademics!  Therademics offers a new kind of academic support that treats academic struggle holistically, in the context of the student’s whole mind and whole environment. Therademics is a team approach to academic support that helps students engage in learning with confidence and competence. Our Therademics™  specialists, including Knower Academics instructors and partnering clinicians, work collaboratively to assess the student’s level of struggle and develop a structure of expectations and communications that empowers students to engage in stressful aspects of school. Students improve their communication skills and ability to self advocate, implement effective coping skills in times of stress, set priorities and face academic challenges in a supportive environment. The student’s family and teachers become more empathetic, consistent and decisive as they guide the student along a path to face academic struggle and manage it successfully. 

Instead of sheltering our students from struggle, it’s time to support them through the struggle.


Together with families and schools, Therademics™ helps students with:

  • anxiety
  • depression
  • OCD
  • perfectionism
  • ADD, ADHD, learning disabilities
  • executive functioning
  • school avoidance
  • school refusal
  • homework avoidance
  • writer’s block
  • initiating work or following through
  • time management
  • long term projects
  • test anxiety
  • fear of judgement
  • asking for help
  • processing feedback
  • participating appropriately in class
  • concentration


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